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The framework for a better home

An Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Wall System is greener, safer, quieter, and more energy-efficient than wood construction and other ICF systems.

Reframing what walls can be

The Vertical ICF Wall System used in our homes is a groundbreaking construction technique.

It’s a step up from wood construction in practically every way, and it even surpasses block-based ICF systems.

Using wall panels instead of blocks, it retains the same strength with 40% less concrete, includes 33% more insulation, and makes assembly quicker and easier — all while earning the distinction of being the greenest ICF system available.

All-season comfort for you

Thickly insulated on both sides, an ICF wall system provides insulation that’s rated up to 75% higher than studs and wood frames, and 25% to 33% better than typical ICF blocks.

It’s a difference you’ll feel, with draft-free rooms and consistent temperatures throughout your home in any season.

—and your wallet, too.

An ICF wall system lowers your living costs.

Its ability to create stable, comfortable temperatures means you’ll spend up to 70% less on basic heating and cooling, and its durable construction delivers. It all adds up to lower everyday costs that you’ll meaningfully notice.

Healthier living in every breath

The dual-sided insulation in an ICF wall system goes beyond comfort, creating an always-ready filtration shield against dust mites, mold spores, and allergens that can sneak in from outside.

Since it doesn’t need protective coatings like wood framing does, it’s also completely free from off-gassing and chemical emissions.

“1000-year homes”

It’s a nickname that homes with ICF wall systems have earned through their durability. They’re built to endure 400 kph hurricane winds, tornadoes, and earthquakes, and have up to 4 hours of fire resistance.

Plus, unlike wood frames which can gradually degrade, or ICF blocks which can shift during assembly, our homes’ wall-based ICF systems can maintain their integrity for hundreds of years, providing nearly 50% more strength than concrete and rebar alone.

Live your life, not your neighbours’

ICF wall systems bring harmony to neighbourhoods. With a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 54 or higher, they cancel sound nearly twice as well as wood-framed walls.

So, whether you plan to party like there’s no tomorrow or would rather curl up for a solo watch party, you’ll never have to worry about noise.

A wall against climate change

There’s no “greenwashing” with ICF wall systems. From manufacture to installation, every part of it works towards net-zero carbon emissions.

In fact, when paired with a renewable energy source like solar, a home built with an ICF wall system becomes a net-zero carbon building.

Make your home at The Lake at Kettle Creek and enjoy all the benefits of an ICF wall system.

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